420 Jars

These USA made thick glass storage 420 Jars are designed with air tight sealing ‘pop-top’ lids to keep the contents fresh, you will actually hear the air-vacuum pop when you open your jar. In a range of fantastic designs these 420 Stash Jars are a superbly designed solution to keeping all of your herbs and spices fresh.

This new design features a pair of very happy green lips enjoying a nice white cigar, probably from Cuba maybe. Click this link to view or buy 420 Jars.

Green Lips 420 Jar XL


  • Comet

    I have been using the 420 jars exclusively since I came across them @ the 2008 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. I personally prefer the pop top to the screw top but if you leave your vegetative matter out in the light I could see the amber screw tops being a better choice. They are sturdy, well made and seal well (to freak out my friends I like to fill one with vegetative matter, put the lid on and submerge it in the sink). I have found as long as you start with well cured product it will store in these jars for literally months.


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