When you are ready to cut back on hitting your tiny spoon pipes or those pesky paper joints, it sounds like a glass bong is in your immediate future. Don’t forget that buying a first time bong can be one of the most important decisions you make in your smoking life, so take it at least semi-seriously.

  1. Consider your budget when you are buying a glass bong. Even if you only have a small amount to spend on a classy new glass piece, don’t let it hinder you. If you are really scraping for those dimes, maybe take a tolerance break and save that herb money for a new bong.
  2. Even if you aren’t on a budget, you should totally be shopping for complete sets or glass bongs that come with accessories that fit it perfectly. You will be getting as much as you can which means value, as well as resting safe with the knowledge that your session’s accessories all fit together.
  3. Also kindly consider how much storage space you are planning on using to house your new glass bong. Are you going to proudly display it out on a shelf or hide it away in a closet where it could easily fall and be damaged? Think about this when perusing the aisles for your new best friend water pipe.
  4. With budget allowing, go with brands you can trust like Roor from Germany or Grav Labs from Austin Texas USA. Roor brings the pain from Germany, where each one of their custom glass bongs is inspected and tested before becoming yours. Grav Labs make durable and design savvy glass bongs that will make you trip (in a good way) after one use. Both of these manufacturers are highly reputable and stand behind their product. Trust in a brand usually equates to quality.
  5. I know we are already towards the middle of our tips for buying a glass bong, but it’s not too late to turn back now. If this all seems a little too much, get a practice acrylic bong to start with. The taste will definitely not be as massively deadly amazing, but you can be less paranoid about dropping or cracking your perhaps expensive water pipe.
  6. When deciding on a new glass bong, obviously look for cracks or breaks along any of the blown glass seaming. You don’t want air to escape, but even a hairline fracture in marbling can cause woes for you with heavy use in the future.
  7. Make sure the style of your bong is appropriate to your lifestyle. If you are super macho, think twice before grabbing that glittery mermaid themed piece that seemed like a good idea in the head shop. Remember that you will hopefully be using this glass piece for years to come, so make sure the aesthetic is versatile as you are.
  8. How much maintenance will your glass bong require? If you are going to be heavy duty using this water pipe at group sessions and it has tons of percolators, make sure you are ready to do a massive cleaning at least once a week. Does your busy schedule have time in it for the responsibilities a tricked out glass bong can bring?
  9. Glassware industry heavies are big fans of are usually good bets too. Titans of the cannabis consuming business swear by The Basix glass bong by Hurricane Glass. This trippy themed bong has easy to handle bubble silhouette and the hits are groovy too. The Ehle hollow based glass bong brings fascination to your sesh as you watch the smoke tumble from chamber to chamber. Ehle is known for its nicely priced water pipes, so this one is a great choice for a first bong or replacement.
  10. Finally, shop ahead online or in person. Do price comparison shopping and see exactly how you can get the very best deal on your new glass bong. Some websites will do price matching and if you are unsure of the online headshop you are shopping from, use Reddit threads or google reviews of authorized dealers.


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