As you take your smoking break and ponder on your beautiful artsy hand pipe, do you ever wonder just why people love smoking pipes so much? It’s sure that everyone has their individual reasons, but let’s look at ten fun facts and trivia tidbits concerning the matter.


  1. As your pipe gets dirty, cleaning it out can be half the fun of having it in the very first place. Pipes are easy to clean, plus at the end you usually have a little residue leftover to smoke on a rainy day. These balls of ash, plant particles, and leftover cannabinoids are colloquially referred to as “resin”, but are in fact just waste from your session.
  2. Speaking of cleaning, a small herbal mixture burning hand pipe is obviously much easier to clean than a big bulky rig or complicated vape pen with coils and gooey wax run off.
  3. If we go way back into ancient times, you will learn that grand civilizations and shamanic tribes alike used smoking pipes in everyday life and religious rituals. South Asian cultures would use tobacco chillums and explorers caught on, bringing this back home to Europe and beyond.
  4. Smoking pipes possess the rare quality mark of being uncomplicated and simplistic. Ease of use and comfort in care make these little gems something everyone should own at least one of.
  5. The taste and relative cleanliness of small hand smoking pipes earn high marks from their fans and critics alike. As we mentioned above, having something small enough to have a straight forward cleaning routine is wonderful. The test is in the taste, and having a small chamber to condition your precious smoke through is great.
  6. Bubblers, wooden carve outs, or slick smartphone looking models are all varieties of smoking pipes you can choose from. This freedom of choice allows you to express your personality through the pipe you pick.
  7. The stealthy quality and portability of smoking pipes win favor with smokers the world over. Who doesn’t love the ability to throw a small pipe into their pocket or handbag and take on the day?
  8. The popularization of hookah lounges in cool areas of metropolitan cities and the ever growing legalization movement have brought smoking pipes to the forefront of the common brain. As resistance to tolerance fades, the question isn’t “Should I get a pipe?” anymore. The question is “What kind of pipe should I get” now.


  1. Pipes are coming back as a total pop culture throwback as well. TV shows about detectives and movies concerning Middle Earth have bled the line between real life smoking apparatus and fantasy pipe. Sherlock pipes have generous bowl space and add a touch of class to you smoke sesh, while Gandalf pipes give off that wise vibe.
  2. Did you know that everyone’s favorite childhood toy Mr. PotatoHead used a pipe? Up until 1987 when smoking lobbyists put the kibosh on his habit, Mr. PotatoHead figurines came with a smoking pipe accessory.

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