If you are any kind of cannabis enthusiast, chances are you are extremely familiar with the vape pen. Portable and sveltely stealth, a vape pen can change your life. That is, if one hasn’t already. Following are ten cool tips for vape pen usage.


  1. Vape pens are personal vaporizers that produce vapor instead of smoke. Easy to use and not using combustion, these super star apparatus are just what the weed doctor ordered. Vape pens should not be mistaken for e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are produced by big tobacco meanies, and vaporizers are elevated on a whole other level.
  2. Charge your pen fully before going out into the world. There are few things more horrible than being out on the town and running out of juice. Most vape pens come with wonderful USB compatible chargers, so always have it on you just in case.
  3. Cheap fakes are not cool. Vape pen manufacturers take special care to create corresponding pieces and attributes special to their products. Someone usually comes along and tries to copy. Do not be fooled by these imposters. Get a quality vape pen from a reputable company. The Kandypens K-Vape Micro DX or Sub Ohm by Honey Stick ensure you are using the real deal.
  4. Don’t overfill your vape pen’s tank! Overfilling can cause spills and messes that will cause headaches even the strongest medicine won’t relieve. Wasting product and having it spill out is unattractive and sloppy to fellow vapers as well.
  5. Use corresponding accessories, spare parts, and modification pieces for your specific vape pen Switching it up can cause unit malfunction that probably isn’t covered by any kind of warranty.
  6. 2 part pull thrus are economical and disposable solutions to the cry of “too expensive” you may face when shopping for a vape pen. These pieces come as a reusable battery with replaceable tanks of concentrate or totally disposable units that are useless once the battery dries up. These are ideal for those of you who don’t want any evidence after the act.
  7. Don’t put too much pressure on heating chamber. Pressure or poking it can cause irreparable damage. Try to leave the tank about a third empty and use caution and the proper hardware tools when tapping about inside.
  8. Wait a good 15 to 30 seconds between hitting the button/taking a drag. If you wait between drags, chances are your vape pen will stay cool and not end up burning your hand due to over exhaustion.
  9. Clean your vape pen regularly. If you keep up with maintenance you should have an upstanding unit that lasts and also be much less embarrassed when you pull out a squeaky clean vaporizer versus a nasty, greasy gunked up vape.
  10. When buying your vaporizer, keep your budget and also what concentrates you plan on using in mind. Remember that not all vape pens are created equally. Some only deal with dry herbal mixture, while others gladly vape wax and oil strictly. Read up!


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