It’s Friday night. You are at home with your finest dried herbal mixture, ready for maximum chill time. You look left and then right, searching for one of your prized bongs. Your pesky cat leaps out. A bong falls in seemingly slow motion to the floor. One huge crash and it’s all over. You have been meaning to pick up a new glass piece for a few months now, so this brings that task up on your life to-do list. But what do you do after you place your order on Everyone Does It and patiently wait for one of our new stunning bongs to arrive?


Improvise, baby! This particular blogger has smoked out of pretty much anything. If holes can be drilled into it, you bet that I’ve smoked out of it. During a particularly dark moment a stray lime from a dive bar was utilized. Huddled in the dank, graffiti covered unisex bar bathroom, my partner and I took turns taking pathetic hits off this woeful lime pipe. But it was better than not indulging. Although we were a bit ashamed of the act, the results were the same and we enjoyed the rest of our evening in a healthy haze.

Following are some concepts for your next moment of personal smoking desperation or panic. Keep calm and use some of these ideas!


Apple Mini Bongs

  • Remove stem
  • Poke a not too large hole at the top core straight down. Make this tunnel hit at roughly ¾ of the way to the bottom. Do not poke through the bottom.
  • Grab a hollow pen and make a second tunnel to intersect the first carved out pass. Use a slight angle.
  • Do a test pull with the pen, ensuring there is no more apple gunk in the makeshift mouthpiece.
  • The top area near the core acts as your bowl. Light and pull the smoke through the side improvised lip.



  • Find a malleable and soft candy that is already rectangular or can be gently formed into a rectangular cube shape (Think Starburst or Boehme Fruchtkaramellen).
  • Unwrap each piece and then mash a row of these candy pieces together
  • Grab a skewer and poke a rounded hole through the top side of it. This will act as your bowl.
  • Now make a hole 2/3 of the way through the stack. Must hit the bottom of your bowl.
  • The second hole at the mouth of the tunnel you created acts as your mouthpiece.


Water Bottle Bong

  • Find a bottle and rinse it out. Dry it well and then discard the cap.
  • Use a knife or other sharp object to carve a 3mm hole about 2 inches from the bottom.
  • Place a hollowed out pen tube in the hole and ensure it is airtight by using electrical tape to “putty” the seam.
  • Attach your bowl in the makeshift downstem. In a tight spot a small piece of foil can be utilized, but for health purposes an actual bowl from an old bong is best.
  • Fill with water so the bottom of your stem is covered. Yes tha’ts right, this piece is going to be a water bong.
  • Poke a carb hole in the side above the water line about halfway down the bottle.
  • Put your smoking product in the bowl and enjoy.



  • Find a used toilet paper roll. (If you live with lazy room mates, it is still on the dispenser with a fresh unused roll on top)
  • Make a small puncture on the body of the roll with a knife or safety pin. This hole shouldn’t be any bigger than tip of the pinky finger size. Shove existing bowl from broken bong or pipe into hole.
  • Cover one open end with your hand and inhale through the other open end. When you get your desired rip, let your hand off the makeshift basic carb.


When you have plenty of material to smoke and nothing to smoke it out of, refer back to this guide. Stubborn smokers don’t give up, much like Goonies never say die. Keep in mind a couple of crucial points, though.


When eating an object you have employed to smoke through, don’t ingest anything that has become dirty due to your product because… yuck.


Another grown up rule is to avoid burning aluminum and plastic like the plague. Some of this might take you back to the days of teenage sneaky smoking. But when your adult smoking accessories are broken, in the shop, or on their way through post from EveryoneDoesIt.com, these quick fixes will do the trick in a jiffy.


Keep in mind that not everyone is an Einstein when it comes to creating their own bongs. Be patient with your inner creator.


Suggested Products

  • The Titan Stem for most of your DIY pipe needs? Ace Labz created a super cool titanium stem that can be inserted in just about anything, transforming said object into the pipe of your dreams.
  • Basil Bush Screens are top of the line for protecting your mouth from gross pipe or bong residue. When you inhale, the screen will also hold the product on top of it in place, so you don’t have to deal with the other kind of suck through.
  • Chances are if you are making your own build a pipe, you are smoking in a place where you are attempting to remain discreet. No harm in this, and we have just the tool. The Smoke Buddy uses charcoal filters and a tech heavy take on the old paper towel roll and dryer sheets routine to provide you with smell proof smoke.


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