Sherlock Pipes have made the grade each and every go around for sturdiest, coolest, and smartest looking pipes around. Here we investigate a few lesser known facts about the Sherlock pipe, as well as clue you in tot some of our fave brands and products.


  1. Sherlock Pipe Helio Glass with Dichroic Swirl by Amsterdam Glassworks is the be all end all perfect Sherlock pipe. Take hours after a restful smoke and gaze upon it’s perfectly glass blown details. The dichro glass is sturdy and ready to take some major sessions.
  2. This particular blogger used to date this pretentious guy in L.A. who was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. It’s always hard for me to disconnect this loser and all to do with Sherlock, the literary figure and also the cool pipe his smoking in these great books inspired later in head shops across the world. But somehow made due and am now the proud owner of a cool glass standing Sherlock pipe. Plus I’ve given up internet stalking him.
  3. In history Sherlock pipes are also known as Calabash pipes. These were mainly used for smoking tobacco products, but you can bet some frisky adventurers samples other substances in these. Cannabis is the modern preferred and safer choice, but back in the day some certain gentlemen (and ladies) were sampling opium and other scary hardcore drugs recreationally.
  4. Owning some Red Eye Glass is top priority for most stoners, new or well-seasoned. Most of this cool company’s glass will drop your jaw. Our wide array of Red Eye Glass includes some truly righteous Sherlock Pipes.
  5. Sherlock pipes are very portable and have the best ease of hand in the game. Physically constructed to rest gently in the crook of your palm, let your Sherlock pipe take you away.
  6. Most Sherlock pipe are used as bubblers. A bubbler is a water pipe with a tiny shallow reserve of water to filter your smoke through. Sherlock pipe’s silhouette is preferred, as it is much more difficult to tip or spill something with a good center of gravity.
  7. G-Spot offers some amazing glass pipes. Their Sherlock pipe selection is among the best in the industry and Everyone Does It have a few exclusive pieces up for grabs.
  8. As time prevails and glass lover and boroheads trend chasing differs, chances are you will see either a scientific spoon pipe or small artistic glass bubbler on the stoner shelf. Sherlock pipes engage a different kind of smoker, someone who yearns for the classy side of life but can also relax.
  9. This double cherry Sherlock pipe from Red Eye Glass will keep the upcoming months smooth sailing. Small and adorable with a touch of sophistication, these pipes have the perfect curvature.
  10. Although used as a bubbler proimarily in modern smoking times, the Sherlock pipe can be used to burn dry herb in as well. Taking away the water will edge out some of the smoothness and you will lose the power of filtration, but if you are worried about spilling water while traveling, use this tip.


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