Cleaning Your Bong

Ok, so you have a favourite pipe or bong that you’ve grown so attached to that’s its nearly like another member of the family. You use the device at least one time per day and you know every last nook and cranny in the machine resulting in you receiving the perfect hit. But the one issue that you seem to be continually encountering is that the pipe or bong seems to get clogged up resulting in a less than satisfactory experience. You know that you’ll have to clean you pipe, but the big question is how are you going to go about this?

One option is scarping your device clean, but the main problem with this strategy is that it can be tedious and sometimes it doesn’t get the job done. But fear not, because there are many products out there that can clean all of the resin out of your bong or pipe. Of course, the prices for these products can vary, but if your serious about cleaning your machines you should think about opening the wallet and spending some hard earned case. As any smoker knows, there is nothing better than the taste of a freshly cleaned pipe or bong. 


One of the ways you can clean you bong is by rubbing alcohol directly into the chamber and then adding salt. What this this will do is it will loosen up all of the grime and dirt inside the bong and will make it easier to remove. Once you have added these solutions you should swirl your vape around until you feel that the dirt is loosened and then you can use a scraper to clear out them areas that are hard to get too. Depending on how grimy your device is you can leave the solution in overnight and then empty it the next morning.


There are a few different ways for you to clean your pipe, but the one I prefer is to get a zip lock bag, pour rubbing alcohol and salt inside, and then place your pipe into the bag. Depending on how dirty your pipe is you should leave it inside the bag for a few hours, or even overnight.  After you feel like your pipe has had a sufficient soak you should proceed to shake the bag vigorously as this will help to loosen up any of the grime that is attached to your piece. Once all of the grime and resin seems to have fallen off what you should do is take the pipe out of the bag and wash it with warm water. If the pipe is still dirty after the first time you should repeat the process until your pipe is satisfactorily cleaned. Always make sure that your pipe is thoroughly dry before attempting to  smoke it.

The Best Bubbler Pipe Brands of 2016

2016 has been a year of many losses. Childhood heroes, great presidents, and the loss of total privacy with the advent of geotagging every flipping place you visit. But the cannabis industry definitely made some gains with medical and recreational use being ushered in at a US national level. Let’s celebrate with some timeless bubbler pipe brands that rocked 2016 like a hurricane.



An Inferno glass bubbler pipe are the work of amazingly talented glass blowers and you are sure to find a radical one to cherish and love for years to come. Some of the twists and turns in these special mini water pipes require special maintenance, but it is totally worth it.


With a PURR glass bubbler pipe you can bet you are getting an artistic and unique piece each purchase. Don’t ever forget that the water to air ratio is extremely important when utilizing a bubbler pipe hybrid. The choice is tiny is obvious but remember that you are still using a water unit. Take heed and you’ll love each drag again and again.


I know what you are all thinking. A G-Spot is what it feels like to pleasure someone or something? Partially correct and partially way off. G-Spot glass and its exquisite bubbler pipe models are ready to take you from zero to sixty ecstasy wise when you light up with one of these remarkable glass pipes.

Grav Labs

Grav Labs out of Austin Texas USA make scientific yet creative glass piece yielding the best result in the pot smoking game. When you charge up a session with these indelible pieces of wonder you will rarely be disappointed. Craftsmanship and a love of the life and the boro make these units one for any fashion of collector’s shelf space. You will never go wrong with one of these highly sought after pieces.


How To Use Snoop Dogg GPen Vaporizer

Snoop Doggy Dogg is literally the godfather of west coast stoner rap. Among his true life rap style, his rhyming also pointedly mentions cannabis and its perfect mellow cadence is felt throughout this rap star’s harmony. The Doggfather has his hand in the marijuana vaporizer game and his collaborations with Grenco Science have given birth to some of the best portable vaporizer pens on the scene. This man has dedicated his life to hip hop and also to marijuana smoking, so you better believe this I the perfect combination.


G Pro G Bush Herbal Pen

This easy to handle portable vaporizer holds a lot of dried herbal blends and roasts to the perfect temperature with a simple hold down of the old power button. When in doubt, the auto shut off feature will ensure your weed is protected.

Snoop G Pen Ground Material

This stainless steel vape pen packs a tight punch and a small bit of weed goes a long way in the metal tank. Click the button for easy to squeeze and inhale action. A map of Long Beach County adds to the gangster vibe of this personal vaporizing tool.

G Slim Vape Pen by Snoop Dogg for Grenco Science

A full set kit makes this starter pack for earnest vapers a must-have for holiday season and the doldrums beyond. A rechargeable battery in the unit keep that party going til 6 in the morning like a true west coast sesh. Single button clicks control the temp and you can bet you are the master of your own destiny when the Fahrenheit is in your hands. Semi-permanent in use and easy on your pocketbook or wallet, make this pen yours poste haste.


7 Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2016

Desktop vaporizers are the wave of the damn future today. It’s true that you can find a vape pen or personal portable vape in seconds flat, but there is something way more special and definitely more powerful in the desktop vaporizer set. Read on to find out which ones were our fave in 2017!


  1. Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer from Vapir

A three function desktop vaporizer at and awesome value for what you are getting. Choose between individual mouthpiece vaping, group adapter, or use a bag filling function to get the vape you crave.

  1. Extreme Q from Arizer

Remote access makes ease of use on this desktop vape a breeze. A triple heat sensor system means you can control vape levels for ultimate smooth rips every single time.

  1. Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

A bit of a cheat since this vape is handheld, but the power and punch the Plenty Vaporizer packs goes beyond your average desktop version. A stainless steel coil keeps it perfectly heated for a wonderful vaping experience.

  1. Roor’s Vapor Basic Vaporizer

Mouth blown glass and two options in size make this glass vape charming and useful. Roor is a trusted glass company and everyone was waiting for their vaping units.

  1. V-Tower Vaporizer from Arizer

Metal base and upright glass bowl paired with precise temperature control will ensure this vapes place in your heart. User friendly and easy to clean and maintain, make one yours before the year is out.

  1. Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

The leader of the game since th very beginning, Volcano desktop vaporizers are on everyone’es wishlist this year and Everyone Does It has a sweet bundle to save you money and worry.

  1. Herbalaire’s Vaporizer Series H2.2

Use with or without the bag kit to enjoy perfect vapor each use. This powerful and easy to use vape will filter out any nastiness in your herb and deliver it to your lungs with a quickness.


20 Stoner Christmas Gifts For Under $20 PART II

Here we go again with part II of stoner Christmas gifts for under $20. Go crazy and get a few of these items. There is something for everyone!


Teardrop Glass Gauze

Ehle makes choice glassware and they are at it again with these convenient glass gauze screens for your bowl. Simple drop them in, layer your product on top and smoke away. Comes in 10 pack.

Wooden Cigarette Holder

This wooden cigarette holder from RAW Rolling Papers is super cool, easy to hold and fro the masters of everything cigarette related.

Skull Dab Dish

This Rasta color themed dabbing dish from No Goo will not only keep the goo away, but also keep your treasure hidden and smell safe in this silicon soft body pocket.

Brass Gauzes by Basil Bush

Protect your bowl and your lungs from herb clots with these brass screens. Everyone at our home office swears by them, so pick up a pack at a friendly price.

Scoop Dogg Mini Dabber

This key chain sized mini dabber is perfect for dabbing on the go or simply sorting you concentrate when you need a finer tool than your pinkie fingernail. Get classy with this medical grade stainless steel piece.

Pistol Grip Acrylic Bong

This sturdy bong is the perfect last minute gift, as everyone needs a spare bong just in case their favorite expensive piece breaks. The gun grip is gangster so don’t be a wankster… grab one right now.

Drop in Gauze

These simple drop in screens are perfect for easy handling and disposal. Sold in packs of 20, get your sesh prep in gear by stocking up on these for the holiday seshes ahead.

Non Stick Concentrate Dish

These non-stick silicone dishes from No Goo are the perfect size for collecting your resting concentrates. Pick a color you love and get dabbing.

Titanium and Glass Dabber

This dabbing tool is classy and sophisticated for that discerning dabber in your life. A glass handle is fitted perfectly onto the end of this titanium rod.

Spiral Glass Pipe

This crazy cool small glass weed pipe is fruity loop fun to use. A quadruple spiral rotates your filtered smoke and you can see all the action through the perfect clear glass.


20 Stoner Christmas Gifts For Under $20 PART I

Are you looking for stoner Christmas gifts right now? If you are still shopping for the holidays right this very moment…. We hate to break it to you but you may be a slacker. No hate whatsoever, but perhaps you can get your head together for a moment and finish your shopping within this very hour. Read on to see what gifts you can get that special stoner in your life direct from us at Everyone Does It. Bonus alert: Each of these would-be gifts are under $20 USD.


  1. SmokeBuddy Original Air Filter

The SmokeBuddy will clear any room or space of smoke with a portable and simple system. Grown up version of that toilet paper roll you keep stuffing dryer sheets into.

  1. Turn and Burn Metal Pipe

This tiny metal pipe can get you through those hard times on the road or maybe the ones just down the block from your home.

  1. Metal Grater

This pocket sized metal grater works perfectly as a shredder for your dry herb on the go. Try not to mix it up with the one in your kitchen.

  1. Ryot Standalone One Hitter

This glass one hitter from Ryot is only 9cm high and has a flat mouth for ease of use. Ryot makes the best stealth pieces and this designy pipe won’t let you own.

  1. Roor X Shredder Grinder

Santa Cruz Shredders and Roor Glass teamed up to make the ideal metal canister style grinder. This two-piece beauty is easy to use and a piece of cake to store or tote.

  1. Micro Glass Bubbler

This 11cm tall glass bubbler is the perfect fit for you or whatever manic pixie dream stoner girl you may know. Lisa Frank couldn’t have designed a more groovy and whimsical water pipe.

  1. Illuminated Pocket Microscope

This trusty and useful little mini tool will make your life easier when trying to check out concentrates or nugs of weed up close.

  1. Ivory Nut Pipe

This earthy little number will really get you feeling closer to nature no matter the quality of green you smoke out of it. Tagua construction is like ivory except a little more malleable, as well as 100% elephant free.

  1. Bowl with Built in Glass Screen

Black Leaf brings you an attractive and easy to use glass bowl. A glass screen is attached and is super useful when you’re trying to avoid inhaling a flaming hot nugget of herb.

  1. 3D Bowl Display Stand

420 Stands makes the coolest dab stations and waiting areas for your tools in town. Grab one of these playful neon silicone stands displaying everyone’s favorite time of day or night: 420, baby!


Join us tomorrow as we give you the other ten super sick stoner Christmas gifts for under $20 USD.

Bong VS Dab Rigs Guide

Do you bong it up or dab rig down? The type of glassware you should look into buying will vary depending on what kind of substance you plan to ingest with it. EDIT has tons of glass ranging from affordable to save your rent style. Let’s read ahead and see which rig or bong suits whom.


The main difference as we had mentioned previously is that you need to decide what kind of cannabis product you are planning to enjoy with your new glassware. If you enjoy waxes, concentrates, oils or any other non-flower brand of weed, you’ll be wanting a dabbing rig. If you are strictly into lighting up a sweet bowl of dried herb, get yourself a bong, baby.

If you’re going to use a concentrate, you will need a dabbing rig, dab nail, and a torch to light your dab hit with. If you are going to blow flower cloud, then you will require a lighter. Don’t use matches, even in desperate situations, as the sulfuric component can affect the taste of your herb. Hempwick is best to light a glass bong with. You conserve your stash and aren’t burning anything except that sweet cannabis treat.

The size of your bong or dab rig is also very important. A smaller dab rig always works out great because concentrates to be vaped are usually way more potent than straight herb. A bong can be any size but the true rippers like to use larger sized water rigs to really get a huge cloud.


The joint size fitting of your rig or bong is extremely crucial to understand and know as well. When you are buying replacements or modification pieces, you will need to know the millimeter and also the gender of your joint. Make your life and the life of your local headshop staff member a little easier.

Best Dab Rigs of 2016

We all had our highs and lows this year, but none can compare to the heights we reached with certain dab rig experiences. Here are our favorite of the batch for 2016.


Oil Concentrator Bong with Disc Diffuser by Blaze Glass

This bong dabs oil like you would not believe. A splash guard ensures that your face doesn’t mingle with any nasty dab rig water. Standing at 30cm tall, this stemless clear glass piece from Blaze Glass is a show stopper. A disc diffuser inside filters your vapor for the perfect hit. An ice shelf cools down the whole scene. Included is a glass nail for the ultimate in concentrate oil taste.

Mini-Disc Perc Klein Recycler Smoke Lip with Gold Logo from Grav Labs

Grav Labs out of Austin Texas USA makes the most perfect and interesting dab rigs. It’s crazy cool designs lack too many bells and whistles and still result in artsy and new instead of cold and scientific. This slash cut vapor dome is elegant and at 23cm tall this baby doesn’t take up much shelf space. Cut out the carcinogens in a fun way while watching your smoke get filtered through the adventurous. A flared mouthpiece gives you easy access to your hit.

Dr. Greenthumb’s Megapuck Grande 4 Arm Diffuser Perc Oil Rig

Dr. Greenthumb never disappoints and this oil rig is no exception. Cypress Hill’s frontman B-Real brings NYC realness with his glass collection. This dab rig is at once charming and stylish. A frit perc breaks up your smoke and a huge barrel puck chamber has amazing smoke capacity. Enjoy the EZ come Ez go hits with this stunning oil dabbing rig.

Frosted Bees Knees Inline Perc Concentrate Bubbler by GEAR

5mm thick borosilicate glass is one of the many brags this concentrate dab rig from GEAR brings to the table. The bubbler system cools and filters your smoke simultaneously. Dual percolators work hardcore to rapidly cool your massive hit. Frosted artwork of honey bees and hives adorn the beautiful clear glass.


Herb Grinders: Top 4 Brands For 2016

Grinding up your herbs is as crucial to an everyday smoking routine as buying that sweet med or recreational use cannabis in the very first place. The size, smoothness of grind, compartment count, and keif screens are heavy factors to consider while shopping for your new treasure grinder, but check out these 5 brands that have us drooling with names backed by trust.


Phoenician Engineering

Phoenician is named for its home of Phoenix Arizona USA. The perfect craftsmanship of these grinders is known throughout the industry. Most models of Phoenician grinders are available in a variety of colors and diameter measurements. Aluminum aerospace grade body and teeth are hardcore. Each grinder comes with a serial number code so you know you are getting the real thing. A notch locking system will give you peace of mind that you herb is pratfall protected, too.


The Kannastor family of grinders brings some major functionality to the table. Not only will these little shred demons grind your stash like buttah, the sleek and artsy design elements such as frosted glass make them total treats. Gems for sure, the Kannastor line of grinders usually has a cannabis storage element involved. Bonus for those of you shredding mucho herb on the go. Interchangeable mulch screens are easy to switch out and durable.

Space Case

The stash cases and grinders created by Space Case are titans of the world when it comes to your sifting needs. The ultimate grinder since 1998, Space Case has got the game on lock. Very often copied but never actually recreated, the power of these herbal grinders is unmatched. The aerospace grade materials these sifters are constructed with are massively top notch.

Compton Grinders

Compton Grinders has been going through a sort of brand redo in recent years. The gangster font is replaced by a more mainstream/digestible typeface, and the colors are getting a bit more feminine. Compton Grinders understand that the marijuana industry is changing and CG is going along for the transformative ride. You can bet the insides of these sifters are still hard as all get out, though, backed by years of engineering experience.

weed grinder

Snoop Dogg G Pens: The Very Best Advice

Snoop Dogg G Pens are the shizzle for rizzle. Ever since he was Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. AKA Snoop Dogg, the D Oh Double G doggfather has been insanely famous. He was prominently featured on Dr. Dre’s Chronic album, then took off on his own with DoggFather. The sky has been the limit ever since. Snoop-a-Loop produces MTV sitcoms, more recently Mary+Jane but who can forget the timeless Doggy Fizzle Televizzle? He also tirelessly devotes his time to collaborate with some super cool cannabis companies. Grenco Science produces amazing vaporizer pens and a few of them have Snoop’s stamp of approval on them.


GSlim Snoop Dogg Vape Pen

One totally cool and discreet vape pen available through Grenco is the GSlim Snoop Dogg Vape Pen. Without naming any damn names, get ready to experience full throttle vaping action when you really need and want it. On the go or at home, this thin vaporizer roasts dry herb. The rechargeable battery is the perfect excuse to charge up as you power up your smart phone then get moving with limitless vaping power.

GPro Snoop Dogg Bush Herbal Vaporizer

This herbal vaporizer from Grenco Science brings an air of sophistication to your daily vaporizing routine. The gold and herbal wallpaper decorative details on this personal vaporizer deemed by Snoop himself as the “shiznit” are incomparable. Mouthpiece sleeves and try and grinder accessories make this the perfect gift for your favorite stoner or a pat on the back for your smoker self. Don’t forget that personal vaporizers require minor maintenance and as long as you keep your unit clean, you can enjoy perfect sessions.

Next time to you want to channel your inner LBC weed head, look no further than these Grenco Science solutions. You too can be as chill and cool as your favorite west coast rapper, with cash left over to party like a rock star.